Giving Back

Giving Back

A few years ago, we wrote down one of our life goals: Save enough money to have a well dug in an impoverished nation. Period.  Well, if your life is anything like ours, obstacles have a knack for sidetracking your best intentions at times, don’t they? Every time we tried to set aside some funds towards our goal, SOMETHING happened!

Then one day as we were thinking about our goal and our business it came to us (well just me, but Ron agreed), why not use the proceeds from our business sales to fund our goal, bar by bar? It made perfect sense.  Our soap needs water to work and people need water to live. We made a commitment that a portion from the sale of every bar of soap would be donated to an organization that digs wells. Sounds easy enough right?

Well what we learned is that not all organizations in the business of bringing clean water to communities in need, are the same.  We learned that often, after a well is dug, if it breaks down, the community is lacking in the knowledge or resources to get it running again. The result is they are right back where they started.

We did a lot of research.  Since we were using the proceeds from our company, we also wanted the organization to be one that our customers could feel good about being a part of as well. (No pun intended). The organization that rose above all others, on every front was

From their approach, mission, and vision to the percentage of donations that go directly to the efforts of helping people. is a worldwide organization that has been bringing life giving water to communities all around the globe, for over forty years. 

Find out more at And THANK YOU for being part of it!